Education Committee


medical_school-logos_ACTIVEWORKSGH-8 As stipulated by the MSA constitution, the education committee is to promote the dissemination and exchange of medical and scientific knowledge among its members, other members of the health service and members of the general public at large. Knowledge as is always said is power.

A parameter which always surge among the vital social tools required for progress in the community

Educating the people on matters affecting their health could go a long way to influence their everyday life, prevent unnecessary mortality and morbidities that go a long way to adversely affect the quality of family life and also the cost involved in managing them.

It is in this vein that the Committee has functioned to bridge the gap between everyone and their health by curing the ignorance plaguing them.

What At All

Do We Do? 

Radio Programmes

These are regular programmes held at selected radio stations for discussion on selected health topics with high prevalence in the metropolis, nation and entire sub-region. It started as a weekly education programme on Focus FM (94.30MHz) for the past few years and is now also held on two different radio stations; Fox FM (97.90MHz) every Sunday at 12noon and Silver FM(91.1MHz).The fox FM programme involves an hour of very informing discussion on the selected topic & thirty minutes phone – in session where listeners can call to ask & have their questions answered by the panel. The Silver fm is a morning show and its starts at 7:30am and ends at 8:00am.The committee has touched on topics such as Ebola virus disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, menopause, sub-fertility, HIV/AIDS, prostate cancer, breast cancer, dangers of alcohol & smoking, dental caries, gum bleeding, sickle cell disease, Asthma, menstrual disorders and other very important topics of public interest. In all we have had not less than sixty five students participating in our radio programmes with about 20 students from the pre-clinical classes. Currently the Education committee is seriously working on a slot on some selected television station to help increase the public education.

The Schools Outreach Programmes

The Education Committee has made visitation in the past months to some senior high schools and churches to give talks on some pertinent health issues as well as career guidance. There have been invitations also from secondary schools, association and churches to make presentations on some selected health topics in the months ahead.


MSA EDUCATION COMMITEE is in charge of organising the MSA exhibition stand at the TRADE AND TECHNOLOGY FAIR (TRATECH) by KNUST, SRC which comes off every April. As part of the memorable MSA EXPERIENCE vision by the president of the Association, this year’s TRATECH was very interesting and informing activities such as use of dummies to demonstrate; basic life support such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, relieving a child with swallowed foreign body, breast examination & dummies of the human ear to demonstrate proper management of wax impaction.!!
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We'd like to wish our former president, HE Enoch Kwarteng, a happy birthday!!
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