Editorial Committee

Be Motivated 


The 14 member editorial committee is a subsidiary of the MSA and one of the numerous committees that make up the it’s umbrella. Our main duties are to produce the MSA MEDISCOPE and run the MSA LOUNGE.

We are like you

We hold no professional degree in lexigraphy. We are just a bunch of young men and women with soul. We see the world in different perspectives and try to cement our thoughts on it through writing. After all what better way to represent the map of all the flurry of thoughts and mash up of emotions in our brain than by putting ink to paper.

Want to join?

Are you interested in being a literary mouth piece of the association? There’s a spot right for you on our team. You might not make it automatically to the editorial committee (remember that number 14 up there?)but the MSA LOUNGE, our weekly, which features on the lounge’s notice board is a good place to start. Also you can feature in grand style in the MSA MEDISCOPE which is the association’s official annually produced magazine.

Join Us

Yet still you can join the BIGGEST subgroup under the editorial committee without which we would be a big fiasco and sham. You guessed right. Patronise our services. Laugh at our jokes. Crack your brain over our riddles. Cry at that sad love story and lighten up your day with that poem. Motivate yourself with our messages and learn a thing or two from us. Guess what? Once you can read, you are an automatic member!

Browse through and get inspired

https://t.co/DInwV2ZMDy.READYY??!! https://t.co/FRp61mfmDh
Class of 2023. Wow🤩 https://t.co/0yB5DF8lEx
We'd like to wish our former president, HE Enoch Kwarteng, a happy birthday!! https://t.co/H4KqBUq89r
Our MCE>>>>>>>>>>>>Your MCE https://t.co/rYSsETytXi
We will forever cherish you. Gone but never forgotten. https://t.co/TDCE6axm9I
And with 93.2% KNUST wins the 9th edition of the annual psychiatry public speaking competition.🏆🎖 Congratulations… https://t.co/EMtyrml3wb
You gave your best MSA and you made us proud. Congrats on placing second in the maiden edition of the HESA interdep… https://t.co/R4HDaaYYPP
Congratulations to our debaters for placing 2nd!!! We're beaming with joy due to their exceptional efforts. Kudos!! https://t.co/6bMMGfQvga