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The health committee initiates, plans and organises all health-oriented programmes of the association. The committee is made up of a maximum of fourteen members (as well as some co-opt members) with every class being represented.

Health Officer

Health Officer

Nsadha Elifazi

Major Activities

med2016-mobile version-387 Miniclinic activities are organised mainly on public holidays such as 6th March Independence Day, 1st July Republic Day as well as miniclinic for deprived communities, market women, institutions, schools, churches, drivers, etc.

Activities undertaken include medical and dental consultation, medical and diabetes screening, dermatological consultation, oral and eye screening, drug dispensary, blood grouping and Hb electrophoresis, breast screening, hepatitis b screening, health education on selected health issues , proper referral systems for conditions requiring expert management.



It is statistically proven that 499 million new cases of curable sexually transmitted infections (STIs) occur globally each year according to WHO. In Ghana, the national HIV prevalence in 2013 was 1.3%, an estimated 224,488 persons made up of 189,931 adults and 34,557 children (15%) are living with HIV in Ghana. GHS estimates that one in ten Ghanaians have been diagnosed with a variant of hepatitis, translating into 2.5 million Ghanaians living with hepatitis.
There therefore can be no doubt that STIs are not only a public health challenge but it is also having devastating impact on the country. Inadequate education, cultural/social barriers, lack of adequate medical facilities, poverty and political inertia are but a few of the complex factors that facilitate the spread of STIs, which undermines the hard-won economic and social gains Ghana has made so far.
The theme for this years' NHWP is "Reducing the prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Through Collective Effort". The focus of the project is to educate the populace on STIs and the complications of STIs if not treated early or effectively and measures to aim at prevention of acquisition of STIs.

MAIN GOAL Reduce the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections including hepatitis B.
SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES · We hope to educate the community on the causes, symptoms of STIs · We hope to educate the community on the need to visit a health center for health care if infected and the need for compliance to medications. · We hope to reduce and the stigma associated with STIs · We hope to reduce the reduce the incidence, prevalence and complications associated with STIs PROPOSED STRATEGIES Use of the media including television, radio, print media to educate people on STIs Educating and empowering the populace about STIs through community durbars, market outreach and institutional outreaches. Visit to homes of the people living the communities we visit to educate and empower them. Working together with the healthcare providers within the communities to educate clients who visit the facilities for healthcare. EXPECTED RESULTS Increased awareness of the major components of STIs Increased public awareness on the symptoms and signs of STIs Increased public awareness on the complications and negative effects of STIs on an individual and the country as a whole Increased public awareness on the need to participate fully and actively in various programs aimed at reducing STI prevalence in Ghana. Reduced prevalence of STIs with the aim of achieving MDG 6 as well as some components of MDG 1, MDG 4AND MDG 5 Increased interest in rural health care delivery among medical students


On Saturday August 31st 2019, a 30-member delegation represented KNUST-MSA at the National Health-week held at Legon. The Launch featured great personalities in the country: Dr Eli Kwasi Atikpui-Registrar Ghana medical and dental council as chairman, Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo, First Lady of Ghana, as the Special Guest Speaker, Oheneyere Gifty Antwi (Gender Advocate and Motivational speaker) as the Guest Speaker. During the Launch, Doctors emphasized the need for medical students to join hands/ collaborate with big medical/health care facilities in the country to end maternal and neonatal mortality.

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