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This Little Light of Mine

*THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE* The evening star had an unfair advantage, of course, since it is actually the planet Venus , masquerading as a star . Like the Moon , it emits no light but merely reflects light from ...
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Med School : If Wishers were horses

Life’s perspective changes as we grow up and as the truth about everything becomes obvious. We all have dreams; some that we will achieve, might for many, is getting to Medical School. Medical School: The icing on top of the ...
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Saving Mel

in the dark of the s I sat behind my laptop night hoping for an inspiration to satisfy my hungry, adrenaline filled fingers which were waiting for something to type away, I thought of what I should say is the ...
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I am a poet

I am a poet. I weave words from the finest tapestry of my deepest thoughts I paint words like pictures on the canvases of your imaginations with the brush strokes of literary devices I attack parchments with quills like every ...
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Hello dear I am pressed for time, but I still had to write you this letter because it is as important as our future is. There is a lot of academic work piling up these days and I just have ...
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Class of 2023. Wow🤩
We'd like to wish our former president, HE Enoch Kwarteng, a happy birthday!!
Our MCE>>>>>>>>>>>>Your MCE
We will forever cherish you. Gone but never forgotten.
And with 93.2% KNUST wins the 9th edition of the annual psychiatry public speaking competition.🏆🎖 Congratulations…
You gave your best MSA and you made us proud. Congrats on placing second in the maiden edition of the HESA interdep…
Congratulations to our debaters for placing 2nd!!! We're beaming with joy due to their exceptional efforts. Kudos!!